Once you’ve decided to implement Parkcor Retail at your store or retail park, getting set up couldn’t be simpler. Our team of highly experienced  professionals will take you through the process and soon have you up and running.

1. Requirements Analysis

We work closely with your team to understand your specific challenges and your business objectives.

2. Retail Site Audit

We work with you to understand more about the dynamics of the retail car  park and spend time on the ground ensuring that the solution we implement  works for the site and your business.

3. Design

Based on the above, our engineers design your unique Parkcor Retail solution as a complete data-to-dashboard specification.

4. Installation & Testing

The required LPR Visual System has the Parkcor Retail firmware applied and configured according to the solution requirements. These are then installed  by our professional technicians and the data feeds tested by our engineers. Appropriate signage for your retail solution is then installed on site prior to  live activation.

5. Training

Our training and education team work with you to ensure your team (and enforcement partners if required) are fully up to speed with the Parkcor Retail system and functionality.

6. Optimisation

Our data engineers constantly work with your retail site’s unique data. We  track emergent patterns in order to help you build the best operational model.

7. Process Support

You are assigned your own Client Services Manager who will be on hand to provide you with any technical, logistical, or other support you need.

Talk to the Parkcor team today and find out about our cost effective solutions.

We’re always here to help new retailers get the most from Parkcor Retail. If you’d like to find out more about how Parkcor Retail could work for you, get in contact today.

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